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FilterWorks filters are manufactured to exacting quality standards. We offer a wide range of filter products to meet your specific needs. Whether you need an air filter, fuel filter, oil filter or cockpit air filter, we have the right one for you.

Oil is vital to the function of the engine, which makes the oil filter a vital component in keeping the engine running. The oil filter is used to keep the engine oil clean. They effectively trap harmful particles such as mud, metal fragments and sludge, preventing them from circulating in the engine. This helps to maintain proper lubrication, prevents engine wear and extends the life of the engine. Our oil filters are designed with high flow rates, low resistance and excellent filtration efficiency. They are capable of operating under demanding operating conditions and provide reliable engine protection.

Recommended replacement period:
Change the oil filter every 100 to 200 hours of driving or 5000 to 8000 km.

oil filter

The fuel filter removes iron oxide, dust and other solid debris from the fuel, prevents clogging of the fuel system (especially the injectors) reduces mechanical wear and ensures that only clean fuel enters the engine, ensuring stable engine operation and increased reliability. Our fuel filters are designed to be efficient and durable, providing reliable filtration and optimised fuel flow. They are designed to meet or exceed industry standards, guaranteeing their effectiveness and compatibility.

Recommended replacement period:
Replace fuel filters every 200 to 300 hours or 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers. Submerged tank fuel filters are generally replaced at 30000 km.


Air filters are designed to filter out harmful substances (such as dust, gum, aluminium oxide, acidified iron, etc.) from the air, providing clean and pure air to the engine, ensuring proper engine operation, preventing abnormal wear and tear on cylinder barrels, piston components, etc. and increasing engine life.

Recommended replacement period:
Replace air filters every 200 to 300 hours or 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers.
air filter

Cabin filters are used to filter pollen, dust, bacteria, toxic gases and various fine particles from the outside air, making the interior air clean and odour free, ensuring that the driver and passengers breathe fresh and provide a healthier and more comfortable driving environment.

Recommended replacement period:
To ensure the health of drivers and passengers, it is recommended to replace the air conditioning filter every 200 ~ 300 hours or 10,000 kilometers.

cabin air filter